Let’s set some things straight…

Teaching Spanish is a way to advocate for emergent bilingual students.

There is not ONE “correct” way to become bilingual. I will always be grateful for my story, and the foundation I built in the classroom before I jumped into an immersive setting. I will always be a Spanish language learner, no matter how fluent I become during my lifetime.

Learning and/or acquiring a second language is less about the language and more about what happens as a result.

Students need to feel safe in their learning environment. There needs to be room for talking about the language as we learn it, practice it, and acquire it.


Montessori Spanish: www.elpuentebilingue.org/montessori

Mainstream Spanish and Digital Montessori Spanish Materials: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/El-Puente-Bilinguee

All of this, and more: https://shop.elpuentebilingue.com