Beginners Spanish Course


Are you looking for materials to help lay that foundation for beginner Spanish students? I have created curriculum that can help you do just that. Or maybe your student needs some tutoring or extra help? These materials could also be used for homeschooling students, or perhaps for helping students who transfer into your class who you’d like to help “catch up”. This course alone, or the course combined with the accompanying ebook with added explanations, could be just what your students need.

El Puente Bilingüe has created 22 lessons for your beginner students. 


  • Greetings and Farewells
  • The Alphabet
  • Vowels and Letter Combinations
  • Gender of Nouns and Articles
  • Home Vocabulary
  • School Vocabulary
  • Plurals of Nouns and Articles
  • Numbers from Zero to Thirty
  • Accent Rules
  • Pronouns
  • Family Vocabulary
  • Intro to Ser
  • Introductions with Llamarse
  • Question Words
  • Introduction to Estar
  • Using Question Words with Ser and Estar
  • Introduction to Tener
  • Colors, plus Adjective and Noun Agreement
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Describing Physical Characteristics
  • Age with Ser and Tener
  • Describing Personality

Included in each lesson is:

  1. A short introduction video, in English, which sets the stage for the students so they are prepared to learn the material. (One exception: the Accent Rules lesson does not include an introduction video.) 
  2. An instructional video, in both Spanish and English (putting comprehensible input into action) that explains concepts and vocabulary and gives opportunities for practice within the video.
  3. A student pdf, which recaps what is taught in written form. It also gives valuable tips for memorization and practice. Many of the student pdfs also have a link to quizlet sets, as well. All of the pdfs include a Mastery Track Activity, which is an exercise or short project that helps students to really solidify the material.
  4. A Google forms quiz (or reflection, in a couple of cases) that allow students to demonstrate understanding. Many of the quizzes have built-in feedback, and they are all set to be automatically graded.

About my Approach:

In my own Spanish language classroom, I use exposure, exploration, and co-construction of knowledge through group work. But many times it can be really powerful to offer cross-linguistic comparisons, explicit instruction, and individual practice to help our students gain solid footing.

We all know how important it is to lay a strong foundation in second language acquisition. If we help our students understand the basics of how the language works, and teach them using “comprehensible input + 1” (give them what they know, plus a little bit more) they can build that foundation and the confidence that helps them step out willingly into more challenging zones (Zone of Proximal Development).

As a bonus, teachers who purchase this bundle will receive:

  • Mini Guides for teachers
  • A digital gradebook in Google Sheets – This includes an overall Gradebook as well as separate tabs for each lesson.
  • Reflection rubrics where students and/or teachers can choose ACTFL Can-do statements to reflect on the Mastery Track Activities or any other Spanish assignments.

Thank you for taking interest in this material. I am very excited to share it, and I will create other lessons and bundles in the future. This alone will set your beginner students up for success and ready them for more complex skills.

I hope you enjoy utilizing this course!