Home Vocabulary + Gender – El vocabulario de la casa / hogar + género – Lesson 5


In this video lesson, student PDF, and auto-graded Google forms quiz, your students will develop a better understanding of words being “feminine or masculine” as they are presented with a list of 15 vocabulary words pertaining to home. A FREE, short introduction video, in English, sets the stage for your students and prepares them to learn the new vocabulary and apply the concept of gender in language. Then it’s off to the instructional video, much of which is in Spanish, which will present the concept and the vocabulary in Spanish and offer opportunities for practice and repetition. For access to the videos only, click here.

Next comes the student pdf, which recaps the content and skills presented and includes a special Quizlet set as well as tips to help students as they memorize the vocabulary. Students further solidify their knowledge by completing a Mastery Track Activity, also included in the pdf. Finally, the included google forms quiz will allow the student (and you!) to check their knowledge and get feedback on their progress.

This is lesson 5 out of 22 from El Puente Bilingüe’s Beginner Spanish Course. 

Lessons in the course teach:

  • Greetings and Farewells
  • The Alphabet
  • Vowels and Letter Combinations
  • Gender of Nouns and Articles
  • Home Vocabulary
  • School Vocabulary
  • Plurals of Nouns and Articles
  • Numbers from Zero to Thirty
  • Accent Rules
  • Pronouns
  • Family Vocabulary
  • Intro to Ser
  • Introductions with Llamarse
  • Question Words
  • Introduction to Estar
  • Using Question Words with Ser and Estar
  • Introduction to Tener
  • Colors, plus Adjective and Noun Agreement
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Describing Physical Characteristics
  • Age with Ser and Tener
  • Describing Personality